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Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

Wellness efforts in the Sequoia Union High School District are guided by the district's Wellness Policy, which focuses on ensuring that students are "Fit, Healthy, and Ready to Learn". The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has also recommended eight Core Components as a strategy to improve students' health and learning in our nation's schools:

1. Health Education

2. Nutrition Education/Services

3. Physical Education

4. Nursing/Health Services

5. Safe and Healthy School Environment

6. Counseling/Psychological/Social Services

7. Staff Wellness

8. Family and Community Education

These eight Core Components are the foundation for the nationally recognized Coordinated School Health (CSH) model. This focus on wellness in the schools highlights the fact that health is academic. The sections below provide more detail about the eight Core Components. Contact Dr. Karen Li with any questions.

Wellness Advisory Committee (WAC)

The SUHSD Wellness Advisory Council (WAC) was formed in 2005, and began work on new requirements for nutrition, health education, and physical activity. WAC has been an active leader in the wellness arena since that time. WAC meets once every two months during the school year, and the committee members bring to the table a wide variety of skills and expertise. Students, parents, teachers, health professionals, counseling/administrative staff, and Board members work alongside community members and outside agencies to discuss all aspects of wellness.

The district's wellness efforts have been generously supported since Fall, 2011, by the Sequoia Healthcare District through their Healthy Schools Initiative (HSI) grant. This grant supports the positions of the district's Wellness Coordinator and a full time credentialed school nurse, in addition to numerous mental health and social service programs, and reproductive health education.